originally published on February 24, 2017.


‘With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come’ -Shakespeare

Today is my birthday.  I am 37 years old.  Let me repeat so that it I can let it sink in some more…Today, I am 37 years old.

I’m writing today, simply because I feel the urge to.  I have been feeling this for a while now. It has led me to write some songs, put notes down in journals, and to create many ‘ideas’ in my head.  These ideas are simple thoughts and concepts…every day occurrences that linger longer than I would expect.  Maybe they are experiences that I initially feel are unique.  But over time I realize they are somewhat arbitrary, probably common, but intriguing to me nonetheless.  They seem to be connective in nature, and hopefully beneficial for myself and others to reflect on. 

You see, as the numbers in the label of my age get higher in value (and as my mom always say’s, I still feel very young) something has crept in.  It’s a subtle and slow effect happening, a compounding of occurrences, a collection of pictures or songs in my head, a thread of themes being woven, and a group of people in the mass that I’ve been lucky to meet.

Every so often, a moment arises when I think, oh…that’s why that person came into my life…and that’s why I read that book then…and that song is attached to that memory…that is why I had to struggle and find hardship there…and that person was beautiful, but couldn’t remain in my life…and I’m grateful for that…and around that time, I found those amazing coconut macaroons at that hip coffee shop with all those great smells!


Reflecting on all of this, I’m so proud to have this awareness and acceptance.  And I’ve found it through others.  Every person I’ve met…I can think back to something they’ve said, or a look they gave, or even a harsh reality they presented that I didn’t appreciate at the time. Today, I’m saying thank you for all of that.

More recently, I’ve been reading a lot.  Everyone should do this.  It’s strengthened the webs that were formed in my life – into cables that can’t be broke (referring to the old Spanish proverb that applies to habits).  I appreciate all of the writers, and then all of the musicians, artists, and other ‘creators’ for the bravery of putting it out there…for letting it go…letting it be ‘ours’…and for sharing what was once only yours.

At this moment, I am not entirely sure why I’m sharing this small piece of writing.  In a way, it feels a bit presumptuous.  And who am I to share what was once only a tide of mine?  This is where I respect that bravery of what others have done.

On the other hand, today is my birthday, an anniversary of the day I was born…the day my collection began, and the day the first webs began to spool in and out.  

I am so entirely sure of why I’m sharing this!

Everything and everyone in my life up to this moment has led me to this.  It’s not on me…it’s on you!

So thank you.  

Make sure to be aware of your ‘threads’…your webs…your coconut macaroons.  

I’ve found it to be…tasty.


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