ATG Endorsed!

I’m excited that after a lot of work, I’ve recently become a certified coach of the ATG system. I’m one of the first in the state of NH. This is a fitness and mobility system created by Kneesovertoesguy

After 3 knee surgeries, and last year dealing with more knee pain that I wanted, I started using these exercises for myself. Soon after starting though, I quickly understood the undeniable quality in the program…and knew that I wanted to share it with others.

As I set up and formulate how I’m going to be providing this service, I want to use this last month and a half of 2022 to learn more about you and others in this area. Even if you wouldn’t use a ‘fitness coach’, I’d love to connect with you so that I can gather as much information as possible.

We can think of it in 3 ways:

1. Are you in pain? Where? For me, it’s knees. But I’ve been talking with others who deal with foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, and shoulder pain.

2. Would you like to ‘bulletproof’ these areas, gaining strength, mobility, and protection?

3. Lastly, maybe you’re an athlete, who wants to then move into reaching higher athletic standards, while staying more protected in sport.

I’d love to help you in any of these areas. Hopefully, we can start a conversation.

Can you please message me with any physical issue you may want help with?

Or, I’d love to get questions to challenge me to grasp where a diverse community is coming from. This will help me provide the best help to others. Please send me any questions related to joint pain, fitness, athletic ability etc. and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Again, this is a no-cost initial phase for me. I’d love to help get things rolling into your New Year’s goals. And to help provide clarity and value, I plan on sharing more of my own story real soon.


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