December 26 – i am nothing, I am Everything


i am nothing.  i am dirt and dust. i’m a trivial collection of cells, on one of many planets, soaring through the galaxy and circling a sun at about 67,000 miles per hour. This galaxy that I’m in seems big to me. It’s only one of 100 billion though. And with newer technology, it looks like we’ll be discovering 100 billion more galaxies. Try to consider the size of that universe. Try.

i am one human of seven and a half billion  on this earth. my actions and behaviors are meaningless and very insignificant. my thoughts, opinions, and judgments don’t matter. my writing, and any other contributions are pointless and arbitrary. Other people shouldn’t waste any time consuming it. They shouldn’t be reading this. i have nothing to offer. i am small and humble. i’m modest. i am nothing.

I am Everything. I have an incredible amount to offer the rest of the world. I’m confident and proud. Pretentious and presumptuous. I’m audacious beyond belief. I can and will actually influence the 7.5 billion. I will somehow reach to the other galaxies. I can do that. My reach is grand. My presence omnipotent.

My contributions touch others. The ripple effect of my influence is extraordinarily boundless. I can change the world. I do change the world. I am affecting the trajectory of the evolutionary human experience. I will make it smarter, more sophisticated. My behaviors are creating a more fulfilled life for the next generations. My parenting is a microcosm of that endeavor. I am powerful and significant. I am this incredible integration of mind and body. I’m all ego….very special. I am everything.

There are truths present in both of these perspectives. One could say that actually, they are both totally true. One could effectively argue that either of the viewpoints is legitimate. I try to identify with both. The ‘i am nothing’ angle can feel nihilistic and full of pessimism at times.  A healthy self-awareness surrounding this is important, as to not allow for depression to seep in. The ‘I am Everything’ angle can get you too full of yourself, encouraging you to get too high on the horse. That’s when you get ‘top heavy’ and stumble back to the ground.

This practice is effective for gaining perspective and insight…and to expose us to the full span of human experience.  We can’t though, allow ourselves to get heavily swayed to one side or the other. It’s more effective to be able to practice both simultaneously.  It’s a balance. It’s a push and a pull. A paradox and a hypocrisy.

i am nothing, I am Everything.


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