Small Business Shout out – Amish Homestead

‘don’t make something unless it is both made necessary and useful;  but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful’  – Shaker philosophy


shaker 1.jpg

Craftsmanship.  Ingenuity.  Heritage.  When you walk into the Amish Homestead, you can taste all of these qualities.  From the handmade traditional furniture, to the attractive home decor, each piece that is sold here carries great integrity.

I have tried the IKEA’s and box stores for furniture in the past…only to find myself very disappointed.  Whether it was the lack of quality in the product, or the aesthetic that didn’t match my home, choosing these bigger stores always led me to feel that I made a bad decision.

What I truly love about the Amish Homestead, is that every piece that I’ve purchased there holds with it a very positive emotion for me.  When I look at and think about the bed frame, the TV console with tin doors, the end tables, or the bookcase (all of which I see every day), I genuinely feel proud and fortunate to own these things.  Each piece has a story, and gives off character unlike other items in the home.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had in my house about some of these pieces of furniture.  It seems that any new visitor always asks where I purchased these items.  And I always here about how very nice they look.  In one way, this just feels nice.  To be honest…receiving compliments on my selection and taste is pretty cool.  In another way though, I understand that the beauty, authenticity, and simplicity within the piece are being recognized by others.

I appreciate that it’s not just another item in the house.  It’s a quality piece, that is functional…and aesthetically pleasing.  I recently recognized that even my 5-year old daughter treats our Amish furniture with a little bit more respect.  While storing some of her toys and books in one of the cabinets, she always closes the door with the careful and deliberate effort needed.  There is no slamming or hanging off of this stuff, although it’s strong enough to endure it.  There’s a difference. These pieces call for your attention.

Do yourself a favor folks…pay the Amish Homestead a visit!  They are currently moving the store to a new location at 80 South Main Street, right in the heart of downtown Concord, NH.  It’s directly across the street from Strings and Things Music shop.  Tim and Erica, who run the Amish Homestead, are so very knowledgeable and friendly.  Go say hello, and see what you can find for your home!  You’ll be so happy you did.

The new store will be open this Saturday, April 7th, as they celebrate their New Location Grand Opening…from 10am to 5pm.

To find more information about the Amish Homestead:

Check out the Facebook page here

Follow them on Instagram @amishhomestead here

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