small business shout-out 003 – Lucky’s

Small business Shout-out is a project I’m developing in order to promote valuable businesses in New Hampshire.  I’ve recognized that good products and services can often be difficult to find.  I’ve also noticed some great local businesses that aren’t being taken advantage of…and that maybe folks aren’t aware of.  I’ll be spreading the word about these companies in hopes that others can find value there. 


Episode 003 – Lucky’s Barbershop and Shave Parlor



Craft, nostalgia, self-improvement, legacy, dignity, progression, acceptance.  These are some words that come to mind when I think of the work going on at Lucky’s barbershop.  I really appreciate that it feels like there is a general respect for everyone that walks into this shop.  What comes with that, is a sense of comfort for the customer.

Along with that comfort is a sense of escapism.  Lucky’s feels like a different world than what’s going on outside.  It has it’s own pace and rhythms.  And for the time you’re there, you can disconnect from you’re daily concerns…all while you’re appearance is being improved.  Ironically, while letting go of your own affairs for your time in the chair, you’re allowed to be part of a concentrated hub within the community.  The conversations here are fascinating.

And lastly, each and every one of the barbers here is dedicated to his craft.  They all work hard, listen well, and ask with intention, ‘does this look ok to you?’  It’s truly a team of interesting and intellectual characters – all focused on their meaningful work.

I asked Josh Craggy (Lucky’s owner) some questions about the business.  Here is that interaction:

jimmy – How/why did you get into barbering?

Josh – I guess I can say that barbering found me.  At the age of 12, while paying a visit to the barber with my father, we ended up leaving because there was such a long wait time that morning.  Later that afternoon, with some ‘gentle’ persuasion, I gave my old man my first haircut with a pair of clippers.  26 years later, I still enjoy cutting his hair…as well as anyone else that allows me the opportunity.


jimmy – Barbering seems blue-collar, but the aprons, and your attire look more white-collar.  Which is it?

Josh – There is no class involved when it comes to hair.  It has no identity, no gender.  It does not know who it belongs to, and can be worn in any style…by anyone…anywhere…at any time.  That’s how I’ve always viewed it.  And it’s also related to how I try to treat everyone.


jimmy – What is something you’ve learned from someone in your barber chair?

Josh – I’ve learned how to listen.  We need to listen to folks in the chair, to the people in our homes, to our neighbors, to our communities, and especially to ourselves.  I’ve also come to understand more about patience, how to be objective, why passion is important, and the significance of taking responsibility for your actions.  On top of that, I try to learn from my mistakes.


jimmy – Well said!  Thank you so much for your time Josh…and for continuing to run a great business in our community!

Folks, please do yourself a favor and visit Lucky’s for your next haircut or shave.  Here are some places to find them on the web:


-Facebook Page-



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